Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A little update

Well, Hug is finished! Photos to come soon.

I've also made a start on these Lace Up Opera Gloves, using the same yarn as Hug, but I didn't bring enough with me to finish them.

Mr Bee's grandmother died last week, and his mum has given me her old knitting needles, which is very sweet. I may see whether his sister is interested in them, but I don't think she knits.

We are going away today, to stay in a converted cotton mill in the Peak District! I've brought Tempting with me - let's see whether I can actually get it finished or not!

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Friday, April 14, 2006


And breathe. And relax.

Not only have I just caught Mr Bee standing on my Hug (apparently it is very comfy on bare feet) (!), but I've just realised I've knitted 72 rows too many!!!!!!!!!!


This would be my fault for assuming that I knew the pattern off by heart. It's very frustrating that I'd not only have it finished by now, but I'd not have wasted so many hours of hand movement.


Off to frog...

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

More stash and some whoooooooooorls

I was in Newcastle-upon-Tyne at the weekend. I was thrilled to see an Oxfam Superstore - in this version of Oxfam everything is a set, cheap, price. There used to be one in Manchester and it was great, but has sadly changed into an overpriced Oxfam Emporium. Sadly, the Oxfam Superstore in Newcastle was not great. I was hoping for lots of great jumpers to frog, but there were none! No knitwear at all. I began to worry that maybe now it is April the charity shops are putting their knitwear away for most of the year.

So today I went round the charity shops near me:

From the top:
  • Navy bloke's jumper; thick gauge; 55% ramie, 45% cotton (I don't actually know what ramie is); £3. (I think this may well become my brewing idea - I had planned it to be 100% cotton and black, but that sort of jumper is thin on the grounds right now).
  • White bloke's jumper; thin gauge; 100% cotton; £1.99. Hopefully might be suitable for using to dye with.
  • Long-sleeved, roll neck, burgundy/ plum, size 14 top; very very fine gauge; 100% silk; £2.75. Maybe suitable for lace - I didn't realise how shiny silk was! There was a black top as well, from the same company. Once I'd left the shop I thought I could've got it and spun the two colours together, but it was an extra pound (£ not lb) with short sleeves and a regular round neck. I'll look out for something else.
  • Black size 16 chunky cardie; chunky gauge; 70% acrylic and 30% wool but so snugly!; £4.50. Quite pricey but I need some black yarn ;) Plus it's got great giant press-studs and looks hardly worn.

Other than the Oxfam disappointment, Newcastle was fun. We went on a trip to Housesteads on Hadrian's Wall, and I took a photo of the spindle whorls they had in the museum.

They're tiny! Teeny teeny tiny. Kinda brought home just how thin the thread they would spin was - I'd fill one of those spindles in about 5 minutes ;)

Anyway. I've been knitting slowly - Hug is over half done now. I've done a little more on Tempting as well. At the moment I'm getting ready to go away for a little holiday and I need to decide what knitting to take. Maybe all my UFOs!

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006


I saw my new doctor yesterday, and she was very very nice. She said I had accurately diagnosed myself with RSI, that at the moment there was nothing much to worry about but if it got worse I could have physio. Of course it was no wonder: after resting my hand for two weeks I had no pain in my arm when I went to see her - typical!

I will of course continue to rest it, although I am now occasionally using my left hand to type with (like now). I've also done some spinning and more knitting - I keep my wrist as still as I can while knitting and appear to be getting away with it. Must not overdo it though!

Hug is almost half done though :) I need to unravel the next sleeve from the original cardie to carry on with it. Or perhaps I'll work a little more on Tempting...

(Yes. I am aware that I am being totally naughty and should still be resting. But but but but but, etc.)

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Saturday, April 01, 2006


('scuse crappy typing - i'm only using my right hand)

today i was a naughty bee and did some knitting :-0 BUT - it didn't hurt! why? because i sellotaped rulers to my left wrist to stop it bending ;) this method left me pain free (i found when i tried to just keep my wrist straight on tues that my hand cramped up) though i'm not counting my chickens. i only did about 8 rows, taking it slow, and only did it for half an hour. i'll try not to make a habit of it, but wanted to know whether it would work.

typing still hurts though, and i need to baby my right hand so it doesn't get stressed with suddenly having to work so much!

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