Thursday, February 18, 2010

Olympic Update #1

(I am anticipating a string of boringly-titled posts upon this topic)

I'm not doing so well in events #1 (finishing) or #2 (sorting), but I have been getting quite a bit of #3 continuing done - I've now completed the body of Sadie. It's very tempting to see if I can try and get it finished soon, but I really need to give the ol' arms a rest (plus there are SO MANY ends to weave in because I'm using a recycled cardigan for yarn that I anticipate the finishing on this will take an age). There's no point in having two knitted garments languishing in the need-finishing pile.

I've got this weekend to myself, along with some DVDs and iplayer programmes to watch (and the Olympics of course; I've got the women's curling on at the moment), so I've blocked it off as being for the knitting Olympics - hopefully I'll get the corset pullover finished, and make a good start into sorting out the blog.



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