Tuesday, April 04, 2006


I saw my new doctor yesterday, and she was very very nice. She said I had accurately diagnosed myself with RSI, that at the moment there was nothing much to worry about but if it got worse I could have physio. Of course it was no wonder: after resting my hand for two weeks I had no pain in my arm when I went to see her - typical!

I will of course continue to rest it, although I am now occasionally using my left hand to type with (like now). I've also done some spinning and more knitting - I keep my wrist as still as I can while knitting and appear to be getting away with it. Must not overdo it though!

Hug is almost half done though :) I need to unravel the next sleeve from the original cardie to carry on with it. Or perhaps I'll work a little more on Tempting...

(Yes. I am aware that I am being totally naughty and should still be resting. But but but but but, etc.)

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