Wednesday, August 15, 2007

FO: Cloth Pad Kit

Well, I wish to keep up with my posting of one FO a day this week, but am in a bit of a rush and don't want to faff about taking photos. What do I have in my Photos folder already...?

Here we go: more cloth pads! (this photo shows the backing fabric - it's actually more of a teal colour)

This was a kit that I put together for a friend's birthday the other month. She's like me - very eco-conscious and very crafty. She also uses a Mooncup, but was talking about getting some cloth pads too.

I decided to give her a 'Make Your Own Cloth Pads' kit, and she really liked it! It was great, as not only did it help me to destash a bit, but I deliberately didn't include a backing fabric, so that she could use her own choice of fabric from her own stash.

I made one pad up as an example, and then gave her a neat pile of terry cloth and muslin (both of which are reused from barely-used terry towel nappies and burp cloths that a cloth-nappying mum gave to me) for inner layers and the top sheet respectively; some waterproof fabric to use as the last layer (it's a bit like thin shower curtain sheeting) and some instructions, all tied up in a big birthday bow.

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Blogger Taueret said...

the pad looks so appealing all tied up with the green ribbon. The best present I got when baby #3 was born was a HUGE pile of cloth pads two friends sewed for me. I love love love them -the pads, as well as the friends!

1:37 am  
Blogger TheKnittingBee said...

Oh, I love cloth pads! They're just so comfy, as well as great for your health, your wallet, and the environment!

12:06 am  

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