Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Oops, where did October go?

I do apologise fair reader; I hadn't realised that a) I really hadn't posted for a while and b) Blogger burped at some point during the posting of my last message and stuck it up thrice. Naughty Blogger. (and naughty Bee for not noticing for a month).

In recent news...

* My blue Kool Aid has arrived - 50 sachets for me to play with different shades of blue, and try to make green with all those sachets of 'pineapple'.

* Chapter Three spinning? Done and dusted my friend! Ages ago in fact, at the end of September. I'm not as totally madly deeply in love with it as I am the Chapter Two yarn, but it's still pretty (photos to follow of course).

* I've done some secret dyeing which is next in the spinning queue, which is why the blue Kool Aid is a-waiting.

* I have had a new pain in my wrists that ice nor anti-inflammatories cure (so probably not inflammation then, as my physio pointed out) which is finally easing off now after about a week. However, it's the part of my wrist that I know can ache (as in 'ooh, I've done a lot of work today' aching, rather than severe RSI aching) when spinning, so I'm not going to spin while there's even the slightest chance this pain hasn't gone away. It's also the reason why I've been focusing my typing on my thesis, rather than t'internet.

* Latest 'argh, I hate my body' pain is a severe pain in my jaw which I've had for about 2 months now. Neither dentist nor physio can figure it out, but it's most likely due to my Crappy Upper Back (TM) rather than my teeth. My CUB is apparently the root cause of ALL the pain I have had in the past year. Great.

* Had an appointment with my physio who has now said there's not much more she can do, and is referring me on to someone else, who sounds a bit like a personal trainer for people who can't do things like hold open a paperback without having pain or pick up a shopping bag. So like me then. I haven't had a letter through yet, so I'm not sure exactly what it will be like.

* My introduction to my thesis is done! And I'm aiming to have the conclusion finished by tomorrow afternoon, and then I'll just need to rework the iffy bits. The end is in sight...

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