Monday, August 14, 2006

Traffic Light / P.O.S.H. Gloves

When we went to Wales the other week (which I will write about soon) I saw all my siblings, and was able to give Friday his birthday present, just a couple of months late.

These were made from my stash, with my own ridiculously easy pattern. I had two teeny balls - one green, one red, and a bigger ball of black. I decided to just use up all the red and green for the cuffs (which is why the green cuff is wider), and continue on with the black (I still have some of that left). You may recall that I made the red-cuffed one during my department's Colloquium ages ago (hence it contains my first ever unintentional yarn over. What? It's hard to concentrate on knitting surreptitiously with a professor behind you, in semi darkness while listening to a lecture you have to strain to hear because the speaker is sitting down and you're on the back row so you can hide your knitting. And you have to put your knitting down to clap). The green one didn't get started for a long time after that, and then was very slow going with me only being able to knit a couple of stitches at a time.

And the name? Well, I thought they were good 'traffic light' gloves, being red and green. However, when I showed them to a friend she gasped, 'you've made Port and Starboard gloves!' Hence the Port Out (the Port side is indicated with a red light) Starboard Home (indicated by a green light) acronym.

And our 'ironic' picture:

I bought some fabric at the weekend so look out for some dressmaking soon. I am also waiting on one mini-loom and have my eyes on another... You have been warned!

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