Thursday, December 29, 2005

Merry Yule!

Slightly belated, I do admit. Still not knitting, but hopefully I can start again soon, though I have been very slack on my exercises as of late :-/ Naughty bee...

Anyway, here's a picture to share of the presents which I made for my siblings - Jack Skellington cushions! No knitting involved - I blanket stitched the faces on (lightly glueing them first to keep them in place), then overlocked the front and back together, leaving a small gap to stuff, before overlocking that up. I took the faces from a bag Friday gave me, and scaled them up to the right size for the cushions.

The thing that took the longest time was actually cutting up all the fabric scraps for the stuffing! I decided that small 1 inch squares stuffed best, and so spent hours cutting the scraps down to size. I think it was worth it though! Plus I got to use up a whole bag of fabric scraps.

I gave the left one to Tuesday, the right one to Friday and the bottom one to Sunday. They were fun to make and well-received! :)

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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Some more things to add to the 'wanna make now!' list

* Some easy fingerless gloves - these look like they'll hardly take any time at all!

* The Panta - a cross between a hat and a headband, it's like one of those fun scarves that hippies with dreadlocks wear! It is a Finnish pattern, with a translation on page 2, and a cleaned-up version on page 4.

And here is a wonderful resource for making Susan's green dress: The Wardrobe Door. I'm not going to make that until I've finished off some half-made things though (honest!).

And now I'm off to make non-knitted presents for my siblings!


Sunday, December 18, 2005

Creating things with other types of needles!

We've just come back from seeing The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. I LOVE Susan's green dress - I just have to make it! :) You can see a picture here. It would go beautifully with the green knitted shoes I'm planning to make. I also liked her cloak - and during a close-up I realised it was knitted! It's thick stockinette, but I think should probably only be attempted with a knitting machine...

During my knitting break I have done some sewing. I have been buying patterns and fabrics for years and years, and planning to make stuff but never getting round to it. I do make things occasionally, but not as quickly as I buy them! In recent weeks I've made a double-layered skirt - I just need to hem it and then I'll post a pic. Dress-making is fun, and you get quicker results than knitting (I'd've finished the skirt in a day, except I didn't get round to it and then left it for a while), it's just much more awkward to get the machines out, clear a whole table to cut things out on, etc.

And I'm now moved onto strengthening exercises during my chiropractic sessions :)

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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Oh! So unfair!

The Winter issue of Knitty is out today - and I want to make it ALL! Seriously, I want to make up the majority of the patterns... *sigh*

I've now had 5 chiropractic sessions, and am still banned from knitting... though my chiropractor doesn't think - yet - that this will be a lifetime ban. At the moment we are working on stretching exercises, and next week hope to go on to strengthening exercises (I am very very weak).

Wanna knit NOWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!