Sunday, January 22, 2006

I-wanna-finished-product-NOOOOOOOW: Coif

I've always loved Coif in Knitty. On Friday I was feeling a bit bleurgh (had insommnia Thursday evening and didn't sleep a wink) so I decided I wanted to knit. And I decided I wanted to knit something that I could finish. I think it's the frustration of knowing that I won't be able to finish Blackberry or Tempting for so long. So I decided to make Coif.

It took 6 hours :-0 Don't tell my chiropractor ;)

However, I enjoyed myself, and I iced my arm thoroughly afterwards and used my anti-inflammatory gel. I didn't get the 'burning bracelets' sensation, though my wrist felt stiff. And I've taken it easy on the knitting since 0:-)

I used the green acrylic I'm using for Blackberry, as I'm going to have at least 4 balls (if not 6!) left over and don't think I can return them. Plus the green looks pretty against my hair. I only used one strand of it though, as the gauge was smaller.

(yes, I know that a dark blue towel is the wrong background :P )

I haven't yet worn it out, but it's nice and cosy :) It looks better tied under my hair rather than under my chin - I think you have to have a cute little pixie face like the designer of Coif to wear it under the chin :P But I'll probably try it under the chin sometime.

Here I am wearing it. I think that weird patch of grey hair is actually the flash.

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