Monday, March 13, 2006

Ta-da! My first handspun project!

I made a pair of armwarmers with my ultramarine merino singles! As usual, the colour is off in the pictures, this one is the closest, but still no cigar:

I made up the pattern - cribbed the thumb bit from the 'Hurry Up Spring' armwarmers in Stitch'n'Bitch Nation. I just wanted to do something with a plaited cable, and this seemed perfect.

I used my Surina 4.5mm DPNs. The thickness of the wool varied from about DK weight to chunky. Well, a lot less than DK, but I didn't use those bits ;) However, the 2x2 rib takes care of the differences in thicknesses - one the whole the yarn looks quite even. I used about 110-125g of roving, which spun to over 125 yards.

Of course, I will be making more pairs of armwarmers - they're a great medium for showing off cables. I think I may experiment with different thumb styles, as there was a hole just where I started the gusset (which I've since sewn up). I'm pleased I decided to frog the new overspun stuff and unspin it before reknitting: before the hand parts of both looked so different, now they're pretty much equal.

You know, before I joined knitting communities I never called them 'armwarmers': they were always 'sleeves'. However, I've never had my own handmade pair before :)

I'm already planning the next pair...

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