Monday, April 30, 2007


Yes - do not keel over in shock! - for this is an actual FO report! Yes, this is for a garment that I don't even have a progress tracker for in my sidebar. (Plus this is my most recent FO, ignoring the FOs which have been finished for ages and still haven't materialised here...)

This is Ella. My own hand-dyed, hand-spun, hand-knit shawlette.

I never expected to get a shawlette out of this yarn - I thought I was just tormenting myself with a large-ish swatch. But the yarn kept going and going and going (until it ran out 20 inches before the end of course).

Ella is a pattern with a couple of variations - you can make a triangular-shaped shawl (which is all I had enough yarn to do), or you can make the full 'V' shape. In the future maybe I'll try the full shaping.

My version did end up with some quite funky shaping. I did a super-stretchy cast-off, which was possibly slightly tooooo stretchy. After ages and ages of attempting to block the shawl out into a triangle (in which time it totally dried out so I had to spritz it, hence the fact the mattress - our old mattress I kept specifically for blocking! - is covered in damp patches) I admitted defeat, and put a couple of 'u' shapes in the top edge:

The little bumps in the neckline work quite well actually - they curve round my neck and the centre part folds down like a collar.

Talking of collars - I will *definitely* need to wear a collared shirt when wearing this shawl! It's so itchy! But a good learning process - now I know to make sure I match my fibre type to my project!

Pattern: Ella
Yarn: My own Mermaid's Hair Yarn, approx 190 yards of 20WPI 2-ply Jacobs
Needles: US 8 Denise
Modifications: different yarn, different needles. I only had enough yarn to do 2 full repeats of section 2, and then a further 18 rows before casting off.

Obligatory shawl-over-chair-shot:

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