Tuesday, March 21, 2006

DPN case

I have a feeling that this ban may have to last longer than a week :-/

Anyway, as a general cheer-up, here are some pics of my DPN case!

I made it in a dark turquoise fleece and it's so soft. I used purple overlocking for the seams and as decoration, with one strand of turquoise thread in the second running thread (can't for the life of me remember what this is called!). There are two levels of pockets for shorter and longer items, and the pockets are varying widths, with some very wide ones for packets of DPNs.

Yes. I am aware that it is ridiculously long! I don't intend to ever be able to fill it, but it's good to be prepared, right? Anyway, it also fits in crochet hooks, stitch holders, needle gauge, etc.

Here it is all folded up - I like how the pocket stitching (done in purple thread) looks like quilting.

All it needs now is a matching purple ribbon to finish it off. I'm pretty sure I may have one, but can't remember where my ribbon bag is, so it'll have to wait. It still works without a fastening though! And it's great to have all my DPNs kept neatly - I've written on each what size they are too, so everything is nicely ordered.

Next: the straights case! Might post that tomorrow to give my wrist a break.

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