Friday, March 24, 2006

Straight Needle Case

After I finished my DPN case I thought it would be nice to have a straight needle case too - after all, my straight needles were just as higgledy-piggledy as my DPNs were. When I was first making the DPN case I cut two pieces of fleece, originally considering stitching them together so both sides were fleecy; in the end I realised I preferred having a fleecy side (the outside and pockets) and a non-fleecy side (the inside flap). Besides, with a double layer of fleece it would have been too thick.

So I had my extra piece of fleece, cut to the same dimensions. However, given that the DPN case is faaaaaaaaar too wide, and straight needles are much longer than DPNs I turned the fleece the other way to make the straight case.

As you can see, it's still pretty big, but not as stupidly wide; and since I went back to the charity shop and bought more needles it's a lot fuller (but there's still room should I get any more - which given I have my Denises is unlikely).

I reversed the colours in the overlocking thread: this one is mainly turquoise, with one purple thread, and the pocket threads are turquoise too.

It looks cute rolled up (yes, I know I should've turned that photo before posting it, sorry!):

And now my grandma's knitting basket looks much neater than before when it had plastic bags full of random needles sticking out of it:

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