Wednesday, April 12, 2006

More stash and some whoooooooooorls

I was in Newcastle-upon-Tyne at the weekend. I was thrilled to see an Oxfam Superstore - in this version of Oxfam everything is a set, cheap, price. There used to be one in Manchester and it was great, but has sadly changed into an overpriced Oxfam Emporium. Sadly, the Oxfam Superstore in Newcastle was not great. I was hoping for lots of great jumpers to frog, but there were none! No knitwear at all. I began to worry that maybe now it is April the charity shops are putting their knitwear away for most of the year.

So today I went round the charity shops near me:

From the top:
  • Navy bloke's jumper; thick gauge; 55% ramie, 45% cotton (I don't actually know what ramie is); £3. (I think this may well become my brewing idea - I had planned it to be 100% cotton and black, but that sort of jumper is thin on the grounds right now).
  • White bloke's jumper; thin gauge; 100% cotton; £1.99. Hopefully might be suitable for using to dye with.
  • Long-sleeved, roll neck, burgundy/ plum, size 14 top; very very fine gauge; 100% silk; £2.75. Maybe suitable for lace - I didn't realise how shiny silk was! There was a black top as well, from the same company. Once I'd left the shop I thought I could've got it and spun the two colours together, but it was an extra pound (£ not lb) with short sleeves and a regular round neck. I'll look out for something else.
  • Black size 16 chunky cardie; chunky gauge; 70% acrylic and 30% wool but so snugly!; £4.50. Quite pricey but I need some black yarn ;) Plus it's got great giant press-studs and looks hardly worn.

Other than the Oxfam disappointment, Newcastle was fun. We went on a trip to Housesteads on Hadrian's Wall, and I took a photo of the spindle whorls they had in the museum.

They're tiny! Teeny teeny tiny. Kinda brought home just how thin the thread they would spin was - I'd fill one of those spindles in about 5 minutes ;)

Anyway. I've been knitting slowly - Hug is over half done now. I've done a little more on Tempting as well. At the moment I'm getting ready to go away for a little holiday and I need to decide what knitting to take. Maybe all my UFOs!

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