Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Petrol Merino 2-ply

I thought before they got even more squished and covered in lint and fluff from rolling around my living room for months I'd just take photos of my second lot of merino handspun. I spun these back in March, and it was my first go at plying. I was dubious at the time, but it worked really well. I used the Andean plying method, and although as the night drew on (trying out new things at 11:30pm while trying to watch Prison Break is not a good recipe for concentration) and things got more tangled, I managed it! So, without further ado...

Breed: Merino
Fibre prep.: Commercial Top
Weight: 150g
Yardage: 1 ball is 76 yards; 1 ball is 67 yards
Colour: Petrol - a really deep emerald green
Method: Wheel spun on Haldane Lewis
Spun: 'S' spun, 'Z' plied
Plyed: 2-ply, Andean method

I aim to make a pair of cabled gauntlets with these balls - I just hope I have enough yarn! At least as I have two balls I can start on the smaller one and know that if it doesn't make 99% of one gauntlet I need to redesign! Although thinner overall than the ultramarine singles (even accounting for the plying), there are thin bits and thick bits, and the yarn probably averages at chunky - these are going to be warm!

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