Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Dorset Horn 2-ply

Here's something from my photo archives, the finished object which was plyed on the Impromptu Lazy Kate #1 a while back:

I spun this up for a friend's birthday. It's undyed Dorset Horn, 2-ply. I was so chuffed when I skeined it up, it looked like there was loads and loads and loads. I was pretty devastated when I measured it to discover that not only was it only 60 yards long (admittedly, it's only 1oz of fibre), but that when wound into a ball it was about the size of a large duck egg:

But it was appreciated! My friend wants to try out natural dyeing, so I thought that giving her some 'blank' wool would be beneficial... but quite what she can do with 60 yards I don't know. She claims she can get a hat out of it.

Breed: Dorset Horn
Fibre prep.: Commercial Top
Weight: 1 oz/ 30g
Yardage: 60 yards
Colour: Natural
Method: Wheel spun on Haldane Lewis
Spun: Can't remember!
Plyed: 2-ply, using 'Lazy Kate' for the first time

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