Saturday, March 11, 2006

Blue'n'Pink Slippers

I finished knitting the blue'n'pink Mary Jane slippers the other day, but only got round to putting buttons on them today. Annoyingly I have a huge button box inherited from my grandmother, but I think it's still at my parents' house. Luckily I found two little plain buttons, which will do. I know that this pair is actually going to form a Christmas present, and therefore I have 9 months to find buttons, but I just wanted to finish them ;)

As you can see, I guess they should technically be pink'n'blue slippers, as they are mainly pink!

I may decide to make a blue flower to sew on, but at the moment I think they're OK as they are. Making all these slippers were a great stashbust - I used up all the grey, blue and pink yarn!

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