Friday, February 10, 2006

Spinning Wheel - technical issues

I contacted Haldanes about my spinning wheel - which is why there are loads of random photos of the wheel in the previous post (I sent them the link).

I was told that my wheel is a 'Lewis'! It's good to know what it actually is. Lewis wheels were started in about 1980 and stopped production in 1994, so I have a vague date to my wheel.

A Lewis has a plastic connector from the footman to treadle, and also runs in ball bearings. That threw me a little, which is why I took all the photos of the wheel axle. After seeing the photos the Haldanes man also said I was missing a 'spring pin', so I ordered one from them, and also a drive band. They were really lovely to order from!

I think I'll stick to string for the time being as my drive band, as I'm still ironing out issues with it, but it's good to have a 'proper' one to hand. Although the instructions are for a single drive wheel (not a problem as I know how to thread up a double drive) and make reference to some 'grooved wooden block' which I don't have (but can improvise). As for the spring pin... I have no idea what to do with it!

This is what the email said:
"The crank (which goes through the wheel hub) should have a pin through it which goes through the hub and through the drilled hole in the crank. They are called spring pins."

Now to me that suggests that this pin is going to go through the hub of the wheel AND through the hole in the crank. Obviously with a straight pin that is impossible. There is no gap in the hub, and the hole in the crank is too small:

I'm stumped! However, the wheel is running well (other than the occasional slipping drive band) - I've spun about 100yds of the blue merino. I've got a small safety pin through the hole in the crank holding the footman on instead. I guess this spring pin is to go in place of the safety pin, but it's a good 2inches long, and I don't want that sticking out of the crank ready to get caught on things - a small safety pin is much better.

But if anyone has any better ideas please do let me know!



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