Friday, January 27, 2006


You may remember back in December I posted a link to some easy fingerless gloves. Well, I actually wanted to make them for a friend for a Yule present. This friend had a pair of proper fingerless gloves (i.e., with short fingers) when she was a child which were black with a rainbow of stripes in the middle. She really loved these gloves, and they still fit her, but because they were so old they were falling apart and so she stopped wearing them. She always said how she wanted another pair made.

So I wanted to make some black-n-rainbow gloves for her! Of course, if I were following the pattern above they wouldn't be exactly the same (not having any fingers at all), but they'd be similar enough and I thought she'd appreciate the thought :) Plus this friend can be reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally hard to buy presents for.

Except I couldn't knit for Christmas.

No worries. I planned to knit them for her birthday instead, which is in July.

Fast forward to last night: I was at my friend's house, and her housemate was there too. Her housemate is a really good knitter, and was making a sock. My friend watched her knit a while and then cried, "I know what you can get me for my birthday!" and dashed upstairs. She came down with... the black-n-rainbow gloves. She asked her housemate to copy them for her.

Sigh. So now my really cool surprise has gone out of the window. Her housemate is a much more experienced knitter than me, and has already made one pair of proper fngerless gloves so I'm sure they'd be a lot better than mine (even if I attempted proper ones). I just couldn't believe it when she came down with the gloves. I did mention it and my friend said I could knit them if I wanted, but I said her housemate could do it: after all, I think hers will be better, and I kinda liked the aspect of the surprise more. I had really wanted to see the look on my friend's face when I presented her with these gloves I'd remembered about (she stopped wearing them in about 2000 and hasn't really talked about them since)!

Anyway. In better news I'm about half way into my second Blackberry sleeve. I hope to finish that over the weekend, and hopefully get it sewn up too so I can begin the border. I did baste the first sleeve and try it on - it looks cool! I hope it all fits when it's finished.

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