Friday, February 03, 2006

My first spinnings!

Well, I had my Latin reading class yesterday, and my Latin Latin class today, and then... Free to look at the spinning wheel :D

I apparently have a 'Saxony' style double drive wheel. A very nice forumite sent me this link about how to put a drive band on a double drive wheel, and it was pretty straightforward! I've used a length of thin string as it's all I had.

However, the main problem has been that the wheel axle isn't quite long enough to fit properly into the shaft. Once it really got spinning it would come out of its socket on one side.

Eventually - after taking it apart! - I appear to have got it going :)

And. And! My fibre came! So I got to try it out :D

It took it a while to get the wheel going round smoothly, and then it took ages to get to the point where I could make the fibre wind onto the bobbin rather than just twisting up. However, once it clicked it all just seemed so simple! I can't believe how quick it is as well. Unfortunately, though the wheel was staying in place, the drive band (OK, string) kept coming off. This meant I had to keep stopping and starting again.

So here we go...

This is my first try. For this I cut about 6-8 inches off the end of the roving, and separated it out into thin sections. I then spliced all these together, but the splicing joins are very dodgy. This one has spun rather thickly (yeah, and lumpily!)

My second try. For this one I used the whole roving length, thinned out. This meant there were hardly any joins to deal with (only the ones where it thinned out so much it broke in two ;) ). This one has spun much more evenly and thinly - but maybe that's an optical illusion as it's still on the bobbin ;)

These pictures just don't show the actual colour of the fibre - it's a much more royal blue. Here's one without a flash, but it still doesn't do the colour justice:

I need to get a better drive band, and I need to practise (especially my splicing)! I still have a lot of roving left, but it would take less than an hour to spin it all. Need to find a cheap fleece source. I wonder what I could use to practise with? Maybe multiple strands of cheapy acrylic yarn?

And I also need to find something to knit with 100g of lumpily, unevenly spun merino ;)



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