Wednesday, February 22, 2006

More spinning

The other week I placed an order with Wingham Wool Work for some spinnin' stuff. The order took about a week to arrive, but it was so worth it! Check out my stash:

I ordered 100g each of 3 different types of wool, to practise on; 100g of fibre from recycled plastic bottles!; a sample of angora; a drop-spindle; some 'Surina' DPNs; and 'The Essentials of Handspinning' by Mabel Ross.

Well, I still suck at drafting, but I think I think it's meant to be harder than it is, if that makes any sense. I'm better at getting consistent yarn on the drop-spindle, but then that's stop-start, rather than the go-go-go you get with the wheel.

Real wool is itchy though. And the staple length (I think I'm talking about the right thing) is so short that fluff flies everywhere! I had almost no excess fluff with the merino - I think I was spoilt.

I will certainly be buying more merino. I ordered the colour sample set from WWW - I have to return it by next week (otherwise I get charged £14!!!), but I've been taking photos in all kinds of lights to try and get an accurate representation of it. I'll probably place another order when I send back the sampler, 'cos, you know, I'm just made of money ;)

I'm still knitting, don't worry! I'm taking it easy as I've developed an interesting new RSI on the underside of my wrist, which I believe is due to typing (*sigh*). I'm seeing my chiropractor next week. This week I showed two people how to knit. The first gave me back the needles and yarn and said she'd buy her own, but the second took them away to practise with. I hope it clicks for her soon!

Must go and work on my thesis...

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