Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Slowly but surely

Well, over the course of a couple of weeks I made the second mitten and finished it - hoorah! I'll do photos soon, have quite a few things to photograph and show off!

Today I made a start on finishing the opera gloves - I've nearly finished one (just the thumb to go). I'm knitting it with a much firmer hand (I think that is the right term). The fabric is very dense and tight but still works, and with some floofy ribbon should look lovely. The designer, Ysolda, also has a pattern for sale which I love: Matilda Jane. I was so desperate for her to release it as a pattern, but when it came out I was in the depths of RSI hell, not knowing how possible it would be for me to knit properly again. I guess I'm still there really. And it's knit in DK yarn. But it's sooooooooooooo lovely... I guess I'll look into buying it once I sell more stuff on ebay, even if I just keep it to look at and wish.

Although I can knit, spin and type a little now, I need to make so sure that I don't overdo it. And I NEED to keep up with my exercises.

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