Tuesday, May 30, 2006

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Well, my Latin exam was last Thursday, and I think it went well :) My arms didn't explode either after the 3 hours of writing - hoorah! I'd taken a load of anti-inflammatories with me, but luckily didn't need to use them.

However, now the exam is over I need to try and start getting back to normal, typing wise. I haven't done any knitting yet, but I have done some spinning over the weekend. I wanted to do something, and realised that as it was a friend's birthday I could give her some handspun. I took it slow, but it didn't appear to cause any ill-effects. Obviously, I'd like to try a little knitting too, but not just yet.

I'm seeing a physiotherapist next week, so I may try some knitting beforehand. At the moment my forearms are OK (but I haven't really been doing much), however, I'm getting rotator-cuff tendonitis back in my left shoulder - hoorah! I've had it for about 2 weeks, although it isn't getting any worse. And a benefit (?) is that I don't need to crack my elbow any more, nor my shoulder that often.

As for the above contraption... Well, it's a home-made Lazy Kate! Otherwise known as a towel rack with 2 toilet rolls on it. I've previously plied using the Andean method, of making a bracelet around my wrist. Unfortunately, the finer the yarn and the amount I overtwist it means the bracelet keeps getting snarled up. As I'd spun heaps and heaps of wool, I knew the bracelet would be huge, and the chances of it plying smoothly were pretty much nil. So I wound the wool off onto the toilet rolls which I'd slotted onto the towel rail. Other than the fact that they were uneven (it's hard to judge how much is half) it worked really well. When one roll ran out I Andean plyed the rest of the other roll.

Obviously what I really need is more bobbins. And ideally an electric scale too. And I'd like the other two whorls that fit my wheel. But my current lack of cash means that it's highly unlikely that I'll be in a situation to get those any time soon. Probably should hold off too until I'm more confident about my arms working...

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