Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A new deadline

Deadline isn't the right word. Anyway, my new 'definitely can't knit until' date I have set at - gasp! - Monday 5th June. I've been sent a physiotherapy appointment for then, so figure I may as well last out until then. It's a week & a half after my Latin exam, so it's going to be soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hard to stick to :P

My chiropractor doesn't think I need to see a physiotherapist because I'm seeing her... Hmmmm. Well, I'm going because second opinions/ shoulders to cry on are always good, and if it does get to the point where I need multiple x-rays and MRIs then it would be nice to already be in the NHS system.

Current symptoms:
* Left shoulder is bad. I worked out I crack it upwards of 200 times a day.
* Right shoulder - OK-ish.
* Left elbow - got a lot better. I don't need to try and crack it hardly at all (yes, I know that's a poorly constructed sentence) now and the pressure-feeling doesn't keep building up.
* Right elbow - fine
* Left forearm - today has been OK (just starting to sting now and it's 11:30pm and I've been doing loads of computering today). Yesterday & the day before it did sting and I had to apply the anti-inflam. gel (will probably apply the gel tonight as a precaution)
* Right forearm - sadly, though not as bad as the left, pretty similar to it
* Left wrist - need to crack it
* Right wrist - need to crack it, stings, feels stiff

I've had to get rid of my mouse as I think it was hurting my right arm. I've gone back to using the track pad ambidextrously (though more with the left sadly). I am typing quite a bit, as well as using the track pad. I'm also writing a lot, revising for my exam.



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