Sunday, June 11, 2006

Making stuff

OK, so I really don't have much willpower. Pretty much after I wrote my last post I had a go at knitting. It was partly due to the fact that I had a physiotherapy appointment and wanted to have done some hand-motions beforehand. So I've been working on Friday's mittens, just a round at a time. Now I only have about less than 10 rounds left, but I'm not sure when I'll have it finished by. It's cool to make progress though, no matter how slowly.

My physio confirms that I have golfer's elbow. I have new exercises to do, and I'm quietly confident I can beat this :)

This weekend I've been doing some dressmaking. I've made a pair of shorts for yoga (to wear over my leggings - I'll be much less self-conscious, and can hopefully then stop wearing huge baggy t-shirts down to my knees!) and most of a dress. The dress only really needs to be hemmed, but I feel it's too big - even though I've taken it in twice - and become annoyed with it. It's too hot to keep trying it on that I'll just wait for a cooler day to make a decision about it. Yes, I did make it to the right size on the packet, I just think the pattern is a bit off.

A bit like the shorts. I made those from a cut down pattern for a pair of teenager's pyjama trousers. The pattern comes in sizes 9-10 years, 11-12 and 13-14. When I first used it for some jammies (at the age of about 19) I made the 13-14, thinking I might just squeeze into them. Well, I can pretty much fit my entire body into one leg, with space! So for the shorts I used the 9-10 size, and *still* had to take it in. The pattern is so screwed: I had to remove 4 INCHES from between the waistline and the crotch! If I held the crotch against my crotch then the waistline on the pattern reached my boobs. I know I'm short but I'm not *that* short.

Anyway, despite the fact that I had just made a par of shorts that according to Simplicity would probably fit a 6 year old, I decided to make the Simplicity dress in a size 14, even though I've never been about 8-10, maybe 12. My measurements fit their size 14 measurements almost exactly, but I guess they have wacky tape measures. And it wasn't a case of ease, it was a case of looking like I was wearing a huge sack.

Anyway, on a less hot day I might give it another try!

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