Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I want to knit

But I can't. Sigh.

I didn't knit whilst we were in the Peak District - I read (Garth Nix's Old Kingdom Trilogy is well top) and did jigsaws. Still managed to have twinges though - I think it was possibly holding books open *rollseyes*

Then on Saturday 22nd April I knitted during Dr Who (45 minutes), then a couple of hours later I knitted during Green Wing (just over an hour, with breaks in the adverts). Then I began knitting during a Mary Renault documentary and half an hour in felt the worst thing possible: a twinge in my right arm :-0 Inner forearm, just by the elbow.

I haven't knitted since. Right arm has been OK, left arm is twinge-happy. I've hardly typed either - 'luckily' my Latin revision calls mainly for long-hand writing instead.

I went to the doctor for a repeat prescription for my anti-inflammatory gel, as I think I will run out of what I currently have before my exam. I saw a different doctor this time, and let's just say she was in a rush. I have my repeat prescription though, and she said she would put me on the list for physiotherapy.

My chiropractor has now moved on from suggesting x-rays to suggesting an MRI! If I go private it would be £200 though, and I'm not overly sure what it would achieve. I think I'd rather go for x-rays first if I do have to have any tests.

However, as well as the twinge I am now getting pain in my left elbow. The edge of the inner bone pretty much hurts constantly, as if it is under intense pressure. Occasionally I can flail my arm about just right and it will make an almighty crack, but that only relieves it for a few seconds, and most of the time the flailing doesn't work.

I want to knit because it's fun and I enjoy it. I want to finish Friday's other glove as it's his birthday in about a week. I want to finish at least one opera glove to see if it works (I'm not sure my yarn is stretchy enough). I want to finish blasted Tempting - the idea was to wear it for a wedding at the end of May, but with at least 10 rounds of 200 stitches that's not going to happen. I have some beautiful plyed merino handspun waiting to become armwarmers... And the Corset Pullover! I keep fondling my swatch...

But I can't. I really really can't. Absolutely no fibre arts (so no spinning either) until my Latin exam on Thursday 25th May. I can't risk having arms that don't work for that! I'm going to struggle as it is as my vocab knowledge is pretty poor, never mind not being able to write!

After that... Who knows.

I don't actually think anyone reads this, but if you do then I'm sorry for not posting in a while. I do have to show off some FOs'n'stuff, and I have a pic of some really cute little lambs...

Thinking positive...

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