Thursday, March 16, 2006

Plying Away

On Tuesday evening a friend came over to use my overlocker, so I decided to do some spinning. I used my new jewel green merino fibre, and spun fairly evenly and thinly - but still totally overtwisted. So... I decided to ply it.

As I only have one bobbin (though I'm pondering making a Lazy Kate with some toilet rolls and a towel rack) I used the Andean Plying method to make 2-ply yarn. I had been dubious of plying with overspun stuff, as I didn't think it would untwist it enough. However, it did! It plyed beautifully, felt lovely coming off the bobbin and was perfectly balanced!

I have since set the twist of what I spun that night - still have quite a bit of fibre to go.

Obviously the problem with plying is that it cuts my yardage in half! I have a project in mind, and can always order more of the same colour, but I'm hoping 150g will be enough.

I let my friend have a go at spinning. She had a try with the cheapy wool, but it's so horrid to work with I gave her some of the leftover ultramarine merino. I also spun the wheel by hand for her so she could get the hand of drafting - I don't know why I've never seen that advice on a how-to website before! It makes so much sense!!!

Then yesterday we went charity shop shopping. I'd had a quick look a few days earlier and bought two froggable jumpers, and then yesterday I got a further one (I'll take pics'n'post with details later). I also got a really cool bag that I'm using as a knitting bag. And the awesomest jumper which I actually put back on the rack because it wasn't froggable and was £5.99 - then my friend pointed out that it was an amazing, beautiful, elf jumper with pointy sleeves and a pointed cowl! I love it so much :) Plus I may use it as inspiration ;)

There's a weird charity shop in this town, run by bonkers old ladies who are surprised when people want to buy things. They had a dirty box of knitting needles labelled 'crochet needles 50p knitting 50p' (each or a pair? Dunno). The frustrating thing was that most were DPNs which had been taped into pairs, and half had been sold! None had sizes on them, and there didn't appear to be any complete sets. However, as I'll be in town tomorrow I'm thinking of going back with my needle gauge to see whether I can get at least 4 needles of the same size. They did have some thick ones, and I could do with some larger DPNs.

Knitting wise I've worked a little more on the Alien scarf, and today made one little handwarmer/glove thing as my March Stashbust and a gift for my brother Friday. I had to go to a Colloquium for all postgrads in my department today, and knit throughout the lectures; don't worry - I was still listening ;) I also think I have an idea for my PhD too :D

Anyway, I'm tempted to go unravel a charity shop jumper now...

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