Monday, February 27, 2006


I've just joined the Stashbusters blog! It seems like a cool way of forcing myself to use up my stash (she says about to place another order for more fibre). In a way I half wish I had a huge stash so I could make random exciting projects - instead, while I have lots of balls of yarn, they are all small balls of crappy yarn in random colours. Hey ho.

I restarted the slippers in a different yarn, but didn't unravel what I'd already done. I'll have to see where they take me!

I practiced spinning again last night, both on the spindle and the wheel. I've got the hang of drafting a bit more, but I think I need to fiddle about with my tension (on the wheel). I think I also have a slow whorl for thick yarns, which might explain why I'm struggling to get consistent thin yarn! I think I'll follow the advice in the Mabel Ross book and completely skew the tension, so that I know what it's like definitely wrong! My main problem on the spindle is joining more fibre; I have that problem on the wheel too, but I have other wheel-issues ;)

I have no idea what I'll do with all this practice wool I'm spinning... hopefully it will felt!

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