Saturday, February 25, 2006

On the Needles

Eagle-eyed viewers will have noticed a heap of pretty pictures on my sidebar - my progress pictures! I've been considering a status bar for my works-in-progress for a while, and when I came across these neat little pictures I was sold! They come courtesy of Indigirl, and you can check out the Knitting Tracker here.

I've added some extra pictures for items which I'm making which aren't covered in the 6 designs provided. Mine are the crappy ones with a thin outline ;) Hopefully you can make out what they are though!

I have to say that I did struggle a bit with the coding. OK, a lot. But luckily Mr Bee was on hand to rescue me before I screwed up any further. Thank you lovely :)

So at the moment I have 5 Ws-i-P. I'm counting Sonnet given that it still isn't finished because I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lazy - I only need to sew on one frog. The Alien Illusion scarf is half done, but I've run out of yarn. Same goes for my handspun project - I'm literally 10grams short of fibre, and am going to have to buy 100g to finish it: doh! The Leaf Motif is a scarf I'm knitting for my mum, it was supposed to be for Yule but my RSI put paid to that, so now I'm getting this Yule's presents sorted early ;) I started it last night as we went round to a friend's to watch TV and I needed some knitting that I hadn't run out of yarn to take with me. And finally there's Tempting. I didn't want to take that last night as I need to attach the sleeves before I can get started on the yoke (need to finish one sleeve first) and I just wanted something mindless. I'll probably work on that later while watching TV, but it's nice to work on the Leaf Motif since that isn't knit on small needles.

So, my procrastination for the day has been going very well. I think I had better go write some of thesis...

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