Sunday, February 26, 2006

Starting yet another new project!

I've added yet another WIP to my status bar. I'm rather proud of this piccie - and you should see the gloves one (better I never use that ;) )!

Anyway. I'm making these Mary Jane slippers, as gifts for my sister Sunday and Mr Bee's sister. They both have birthdays next week - let's see if I get them finished in time! I'm using random balls of yarn in my stash, but I'll probably have to frog the little I've done soon, as I don't think I have enough. If that happens I'll restart with stripes. Or maybe I should restart with stripes while I still only have 5% done? ;)

I'm really struggling with writing stuff for my thesis. I really tried this evening but it just wasn't happening. At 11pm I gave up and went back to knitting. When I was looking for the MJ pattern on Craftster - it's the one Figg used for my beautiful slippers you can see early on in my blog - I came across a link to an article with Debbie Stoller, author of Stitch'n'Bitch. It's from The Guardian Weekend - which is my favourite part of The Guardian! The article is from last January, so I guess I must've missed it...

But fantastically - other than being a really interesting article - it has a pdf of the Alien Illusion chart! Hoorah! Now I don't need to carry the book around with me to finish it off!

OK - I think I'm done for today. Off to bed...

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