Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Continuing with Tempting

I've almost finished the body part of Tempting - I'm at about 11.5 inches, and it needs to be 13" long. I've hardly been knitting at all these past few weeks, partly to rest my hand, but partly because I just don't have time :( I'll need to place a needle order soon (*coughcough* hint hint *coughcough*) to get the DPNs to make the sleeves with. I just hope that my gauge doesn't change from plastic to bamboo (it gets a lot tighter from plastic to metal).

And I've just taken a picture of my Sonnet scarf, so I think I'll just edit it into my previous post. Still haven't got any fastenings for Sonnet itself - it's proving very hard to find any frog closures, never mind silver ones!

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