Monday, September 05, 2005

Needle Happy!

My Denise needles were waiting for me when I got home today - hoorah!

I will do a full review when I've used them more, but from some initial swatching this evening I am impressed. The joins are very smooth, and the needles are so light! I don't know whether it's because I'm still working on the Sonnet sleeves with 7mm bamboo needles with very heavy knitting hanging off the ends that this is a welcome alternative, or whether they are just really light. Of course it's not as swift to push the knitting along the needle as it has to go over the join, but I'll get used to that in no time I'm sure.

Anyway. Although I know I should finish Sonnet - especially as I'm so close - how could I resist using my new needles? So I've spent a couple of hours this evening swatching for Tempting. I started with the designated size 8US (5mm), stockinetted a few rows and checked my stitch count - too low. So I went down to 7US, repeated the process, still too low. Went down to 6US (4mm), repeated, and it still seemed like too few stitches. So I did a few more rows then cast off (all but the last stitch so I can unravel) - when I measured this I had the stitch count spot on. So tomorrow on the bus I will knit a proper gauge swatch with the 6US needles to make sure, and also knit some ribbing to make sure that looks nice on those needles (I tried the ribbing on 4.5mm / 7US a while ago and it's lovely).

Within Temptation last night were awesome, but I am now utterly knackered after only 3 hours sleep, so I must go to bed.

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