Thursday, September 08, 2005

New Knitty!

Yesterday I finished reading through every one of the pages on Knitty (and printing any patterns I might try and knit). And guess what - new Knitty out today! So I don't get Knitty withdrawal symptoms for at least a day ;)

Sadly I have knitting withdrawal symptoms :( I didn't start Tempting 2 days ago as I've got RSI in my left hand :( I don't know whether this is due to knitting or typing or both. Yesterday my hand felt better so I finished knitting Sonnet - though by the end my hand did hurt. Today I've felt fine but it's hurting right now - must be from typing today I guess. So no more knitting until tomorrow I fear - but it means I can fully finish Sonnet instead!

I've also read through both the knitalongs for Tempting, so I should be ready to tackle that when I travel tomorrow.

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