Thursday, September 01, 2005

I'm so confused!

I swear when I bought my wool from Germany the name of the colour was 'petrol'. I remember thinking it was odd that it was in English (unless the German for petrol is petrol). I've just checked over the band of every ball and there is no 'petrol' at all - I must've made it up!!! And the colour is looking more green now, but I still love it and can't wait to use it.

It's quite disappointing as it's honestly the nicest wool I've come across. Obviously I haven't knit any more than a small swatch, but it's cheap, it's merino-mix, the colours are amazing, the texture... And only available in shops in Germany. Doh!

I've spent a while on Google, but it does seem to be available in the Rodel Wolle shops on (Rodel has an umlaut over the 'o', so Roedel is the thing to search for). They do have a website listing all their shops, but no online ordering sadly.

Ah well - I'll just have to make visiting wool shops the highlight of any future German trips!

Still no needles. Though the Within Temptation tickets arrived today - luckily as I'd completely forgotten and would've gone away for the weekend without them! I still don't know what knitting to take with me for the journey. I feel that the Sonnet sleeves are too big - the bamboo needles are very long. It doesn't matter for the train (3.5 hours tomorrow and Monday morning), but we'll be driving to London (5 hours round trip for the gig) and I'd like to have something small for then. Or maybe I don't take anything :-0

I've got an hour or so to decide - better get packing!

I've just found it - it says 'petrol' on the receipt!

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