Friday, August 26, 2005

Quick! Somebody stop me...

Too late ;)

I just placed an order for a set of Denise Interchangeable Needles from The Woolly Workshop, one of only a handful of UK sites I could find selling them, and the best value for money. The set is £31.95, and postage is only £1.96.

I hope these needles are good. They certainly have rave reviews from Amy the editor of Knitty. I do need some circular needles - my existing pair are metal, with a metal cord which twists something rotten, and they're a bit rusty (they're my grandma's). I was planning to get some bamboo circulars from Dragon Yarns, as they have dragons on their website and will be relatively local once I move. However, at nearly £5 a pair it's much better value to get the Denise set. I need a 24" set and a 32" set for Tempting in size 5mm - I think. I don't currently have a set of 5mm needles, so if I bought some 5mms and then my gauge was off I'd have to buy more in a larger or smaller size. So it makes sense to get the interchangeable ones, with a stupidly high number of circular combinations for the price of 7. They do have a 33" rather than a 32" though - I do hope this won't be too much of a problem...

My order came to just under £34... And given that I've just spent £36+ on Within Temptation tickets I think I can justify it in the long run! It also means I can test out my gauge with those needles so I can get the right size of double pointed needles.

I'm going away for the weekend and I have packed my cardigan to knit on the train and while loafing around. I'll also be packing a book to read and make notes on... I wonder which I shall do more of. Hmmm...


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Blogger Figg said...

1. Woohoo! You're going to Within Temptation!
2. I love the dragon site. Yay for bamboocirculars! You know it's my birthday soon...(wink, wink ;) )

And why did this naughty bee did not tell me yet that she also has a knitting blog....;)

9:11 pm  
Blogger TheKnittingBee said...

1. I know! Hoorah! Although it looks like I will not get to sleep all night and will have to go straight to work (the gig is Sunday evening in London) - but I hope it will be worth it :)
2. Aha ;) Well, just surrepticiously let me know which size and we can pretend it's a surprise :P

And this naughty Bee kept meaning to email you with the link and forgetting :-0 But how could I not drop you a line when I saw your post about Howl's Moving Castle!

11:49 pm  

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