Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A completed project!

I've just finished sewing together my blue-hued jumper, and it's come out really well! It is big and baggy, but not too big. And by accident I ended up with really nice neck shaping - while I was sewing the shoulder seams I obviously stretched the back seam taut without realising. This means that the front neck naturally dips lower and is very flattering. The neck hole is slightly tight - I can't just pull it over my head any ol' way, but I've decided not to biggen it in case it spoils the neckline.

All in all I am very glad I finished it: this is my first completed project! A real beginner's project - you can't get more simpler than 4 rectangles in garter knitting! But it still looks good.

Hopefully photos will follow...



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