Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Knitting without a purpose after all?

I have begun to think that maybe I am knitting without a purpose after all. It's true I don't like to knit aimlessly anymore, unless I'm practising. I have no problems with knitting a sampler rectangle with a range of stitches, but the idea of starting a rectangle with no goal in mind no longer interests me. I like to think I now knit with a purpose.

But do I? The jumper is still unfinished. It is still a collection of rectangles. I'm sure it won't take more than an hour to stitch up, yet somehow I still don't find the time to do it. Instead I start knitting my next project: am I actually going to end up with a completed cardigan or just the body and sleeves?

I had thought that I enjoyed making new knitted garments, but is it just the process of knitting I like? I hope not. I hope this isn't just a fad and I shall end up with a dozen half-made items I end up pulling out in a few years. I'm hoping that the reason why I'm knitting more things is just because of the newness of the hobby.

As I wrote yesterday, I would like to get the jumper finished by the end of this week. I think part of the reason I haven't finished it yet is because it's going to be pretty shapeless! Maybe I just don't want to be let down ;)

In other news I think that I may well pull out the blue rectangle with the ghosts. I think I'd like to try armwarmers - a blue ghosty one and a green (from my existing stash) batty one. But... no more new projects until existing ones are finished!



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