Friday, June 23, 2006

One Step Forwards... Falling Backwards


So, yesterday I went swimming, which was fun - hoorah! Unfortunately, while trying to gracefully enter the swimming pool, I managed a completely cack-handed semi-drop down the ladder while still holding on, and ending up really jarring my left elbow - basically had it taking most of my bodyweight while having it locked in an awkward position. I am HOPING that it is just sore and a little bruised, rather than that there is any ligament damage. ARGH! Why does this always happen to me?

As soon as I got home yesterday I packed away all my knitting again, to avoid any temptation. I'm taking arnica and rhus. tox tablets, applying arnica balm and I iced it a little before bed. I'm trying not to type too much. My next chiro appointment is in two weeks - but if it still hurts by the end of the weekend I'll get one sooner. I'm not doing my exercises, as most of those involve using my elbows but obviously don't want to lose the improvement I've been seeing. Again, I'll reassess how my elbow is at the end of the weekend.




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