Monday, March 20, 2006

Current froggable stash

Day two of the ban is OK. Hug looks miserable, sitting there barely started, but it will have to deal. It looks like it's going to be lovely though - tighter than I expected though I do have stitch gauge. I spent today reading See Eunny Knit; I'd read a chapter of a work book, then a page of the site's archives. It was nice to alternate the horror of the witch craze (people hurting and killing people for imaginary reasons :( ) with the beauty of the knitted lace on the website. Yes: I want to knit lace now ;)

But I shall hold off for at least a week.

Today I went back to the charity shop with the needle box again, this time with my needle inventory along with my gauge, to fill in any gaps in both my straights and DPNs. So now I have lots of thin needles - just the right thing for lace knitting ;)

Anyhoo. Pics of the needlecases to come soon - hopefully tomorrow. For now here's a picture of my current stash of charity shop jumpers to be frogged:

From the top:
  • Green, 100% cotton jumper; the cotton is stranded and not really spun - it's a bit like a thicker strand of embroidery thread. This originally cost £3.50, and is partially frogged and going to become the Corset Pullover

  • Lilac wool/acrylic mix jumper - this looks like handspun yarn - my handspun yarn at least ;) It has thick slubs in it, but I'm sure was machine spun. Cost £1.99

  • White, 100% acrylic jumper but so so so soft; I may keep this as a jumper as it is, maybe... Cost £2.99

  • Varigated cream and blue (and yellow - but that only shows up when wet!) jumper, made from a thin ribbon-esque (i.e., not ribbony ;) ) yarn! I'll probably try and dye it, but it was such a bargain for the type of yarn used. Cost £2.99

  • Navy, 100% cotton jumper (stranded I think like the green, but chunkier); cost £2.99

  • Pale blue, 85% lambswool jumper; cost £2.49

  • Dark turquoise wool/acrylic mix shrug shot through with blue sparkles!; originally cost £4. Partially frogged and in the process of becoming Hug

No black to be found ;) I have a bit of a thing against knitting in black, since I feel it won't show stitch definition well. However, most of Friday's handthing is black 2x2 rib, and obviously that looks just fine (as do all my black machine knit store bought jumpers). I probably wouldn't do excessive cabling in black, but a simple knit should be fine. I am sort of planning a top that I'd like to knit - so now I want a black jumper made of the same sort of cotton as the green jumper above to provide the yarn for it! Now I know how lovely the green is to knit I'm half regretting not buying the blue one I'd seen a while ago, but it was £3.99, not black, and lots of jumpers made of that sort of cotton appear to be common in charity shops. I just have to keep looking before it warms up too much and they stop selling knitwear!

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