Saturday, March 25, 2006

Thickie alert!

I've been considering getting a niddy noddy and a nostepinne for winding balls of yarn. I like winding them by hand, but find my wrist aches afterwards. I don't really need a niddy noddy (except for the fun of having something called a niddy noddy), but a nostepinne should relieve some of the twisting action in my wrist.

I've looked online, and my fibre favourite Wingham Wool Work have niddy noddies starting at £6.50, and a nostepinne for only £3.50. However, I am super short of cash, and wondered whether I could use something else.

I've spent the morning trying to think of thick tapered things. If I didn't have a hand-movement ban in effect I'd have already tried on my tiered umbrella case and a bottle of rose water.

I've also been trying to access this page about nostepinnes on craftster - it's finally back up, and I can't believe this never occurred to me:

Yes - finally, I have a use for my single 20mm plastic needle! I bought this 20mm and a single 10mm from a charity shop years ago when I was at university, as they were cool and cheap. Obviously, rather unuseable. I've since bought a pair of 10mms, and was considering trying to swap my single 10mm with someone who had a single 20mm. There was a knitting shop in the town I used to live in at university which sold single 20mm needles... but sadly I didn't buy one when I saw it and when I went back the shop had closed.

Well. I think I can safely say the underwrist twinges are not solely from knitting. They're starting up now from typing, and I was also using a spray bottle for a while too. Argh. :(

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