Thursday, March 30, 2006

I just can't help myself

I really am trying to have my cake and eat it! Today I bought this:

The picture just doesn't do the colour justice: it is bright magenta and really vibrant. It's 100% wool, so so soft, and was only £1. It's also huge - apparently a men's jumper as it has a KENZO HOMME label in it. I don't like dividing colours into gender specific groups, but I do not know any man who would wear this jumper - which I guess is why it was on the £1 rack ;) It is a really really fine gauge - perfect for knitting lace! (I have mentioned lace before right? I am particularly obsessed with the Peacock Feathers Shawl and also like the Flower Petal Shawl). The jumper weighs 1.5lbs (c. 680g), so provided it unravels nicely I may well have enough for a shawl...

Still on the look out for the perfect black froggable, but sadly still no cigar. I saw a perfect specimen - but it was red (were I not severely suffering with RSI I'd have bought the red one too, but it was £4.99, and I don't want to waste a fiver if it turns out I can never knit again). However, I'm sure one will turn up soon.

I'm considering not knitting - and keeping other hand movements to a minimum - until after my Latin exam at the end of May. I can't have severe RSI for that. We'll see how I go...

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