Saturday, March 18, 2006

Kneedle-case Happy!

I did go back to the charity shop with my gauge and rifle through their knitting needle box. I managed to get a couple of sets of DPNs by mixing and matching - the lady serving thought I was a bit strange buying random needles, but I got 14 for £3.50.

When I got home I decided that now I needed a needle case, rather than keeping them all mixed up in a bag. So I made one from a lovely turquoise fleece. Then I realised that if my DPNs had a case, my regular needles should get one too ;) Now I have two beautiful cases - pics to follow soon!

All I need to do now is get a permanent marker and write the size of the needles on them (the needles, not the cases). I was thinking of embroidering the sizes onto the cases, but I'd rather have some flexibility in moving them around. Plus this way I won't be completely paranoid and recheck every needle when I come to use it!

I'm also planning to make a small inventory list of what needles I have, and go back to the charity shop to fill in any gaps!

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