Monday, July 23, 2007

Truely Scrumptious

My current knitting is the Mini Faroese Shawl in Fyberspates' Scrumptious. I don't have any photos of the shawl-in-progress, but I shall indulge myself with various out-of-focus badly lit photos of the yarn, taken back when I was in the process of winding it.

This yarn really is delicious, really really soft, with just a hint of a shimmer. This colourway is, I think, 'Moss', and this photo nicely displays the four main colours in the 'X' in the centre of the ball:

Green, gold, bronze and silver.

The shawl is looking beautiful - I'm tempted to buy another skein and make it bigger, but the dyelots probably wouldn't match. Ah well, I'm already planning variations on the shawl, and may just need more yarn in different beautiful colours to do so ;)

The pattern calls for a certain weight of the yarn to be knit up, and I'm just at that stage now. Of course, it necessitated me finally getting round to buying a decent set of electronic scales! I've wanted a set for AGES, because all I have is a Libra scales with hardly any weights (it was Mr Bee's grandmother's) and an add'n'weigh scale that's never accurate at large weights, never mind small. Then I realised that I'd been given an Amazon gift voucher months ago, that I'd been saving to spend on something really special, but I had to spend soon otherwise it would expire. Aha! Decent scales :)

And then my body kicked in and I had a new pain last week. I think it was caused by a combination of mowing the lawn and trying to massage Mr Bee's back, but it meant I couldn't hold a knitting needle. I think it's probably OK now, but I'm going to try and wait a minimum of a week without that pain before I start again.

(completed ball modelled by Mr Bee and one 20mm knitting needle)



Blogger Eleanor said...


Can't wait to see in progress pics of the shawl!

If you email Jen she will be able to tell you if she has any more of the Moss Scrumptious. It will be the same dyelot, unless she has sold out, which I know she has in some colours.

Happy (painfree!) knitting,


11:52 pm  
Blogger TheKnittingBee said...

I've just finished it - one skein was enough - I'm totally thrilled to bits with it!!!

11:41 pm  

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