Friday, March 23, 2007

Tempting is Finished!

I know! Blimey. I only started this self-described 'quick knit' in Summer 2005 an' everything.

(Of course, when I say 'finished', I haven't woven in the ends yet. Or bought a ribbon).

We still don't have a mirror in our new house yet,* and while looking in the windows at night works fine for a general reflection, it doesn't quite give me a proper idea of what this looks like. I'm somewhat scared since every proper garment (i.e., not just a scarf or arm-warmers) I've knit has turned out pretty rubbish. And, *ahem* since I started Tempting I'm pretty sure my bust measurement has gone up by both a cup and band size.

Mr Bee took a couple of bored photos of me wearing it, and the ribbing does appear to shriek BOOBS BOOBS BOOBS LOOK AT ME STRETCHED OVER BOOBS!!1!... but maybe that was due to the camera flash. (The pictures were horrible; I deleted them).

But anyway. It's done. I can now almost fill up my Denise case again with all the wires. I've had the 3 or 4 wires used for Tempting out for so long that I couldn't remember how they all fit back together. I had to look at a photo online to figure it out (and in doing so discovered that Denise now do a kit with rainbow coloured needles - oooooooooooh).

And I think I'm just pretty stunned by the fact that yes, I can keep knitting, I can get there, I can finish things. It might take aaaaaaaaaaages, but it happens. Good stuff.

* i.e., we haven't yet unpacked and reassembled the wardrobe which has a mirror on the door. But then, we've lived here a month and still haven't bought a fridge/freezer. This, by the way, is an indication of just how cold it is in our kitchen.

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Blogger Batty said...

Ummm, no. That's what happens when you have a guy take pictures of you. Somehow, the boobs always end up taking center stage. It's weird.

3:16 am  

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