Wednesday, April 04, 2007


My foot still twinges every now and then. I've started a joyous 'pain calendar', on which I put a little sticky dot every day that I feel the slightest twinge. No spinning until after a week minimum of normal activity and no dots.

Meanwhile, I have been knitting with my Mermaid's Hair, and trying not to feel too bitter about it. I've been trying to figure out what it wants to be. I thought it might want to be the SpiderWeb Capelet from Stitch'n'Bitch Nation. But after knitting at it for a while, I realised that it really, really, really doesn't.

As Mr Bee puts it, there is no way that you can look at it, without it looking like a load of scribble.

I knit the first 6 or so rows (ie., nearly half of the capelet) and it just bears no resemblance to the photo. I'm doing the pattern correctly (note that there are corrections!), but the yarn needs to be fuzzier, and maybe a tad thicker.

So, I decided to see whether the Mermaid's Hair wanted to be Ella (I have two huge folders of Knitty patterns that I printed off at work, so I tend to work from those. In going to the actual site to get the link, I notice there are now charts available).

I tried Ella three times, on US6 (too tight), the stated US10 (too loose), and then I tried US8. This also looked dubious because the pattern bunches, so I knit the set-up section and lightly blocked it (which also had the effect of causing me to stop knitting for the day - I think I was trying to drown out the pain in my foot by attempting to set off some arm pain).

So far, so OK.

So at the moment my yarn wants to be Ella, and I'm up to three leaf-things across now. Of course, this pattern calls for 750m yarn, and I have less than 200m, so quite why I am bothering to persevere is beyond me. I'm not planning to make the full V-shape, just a small triangle. But still, who am I kidding?

(also, in order to keep all my options open I didn't frog the capelet before I started Ella. And then once I'd decided to carry on with Ella I couldn't bear to rip out what I'd done and start again from the beginning. So my knitting currently looks like this I know I know. It means that not only am I hoying around a half-knitted capelet, but when I finally do frog that to use that yarn I'll have a join - if I do actually ever have enough yarn to make anything more than a handkerchief - which is irritating, but I haven't been really thinking rationally about fibre arts this past week)

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