Sunday, October 14, 2007

Where did all the time go?! - refrain

I have had absolutely zero time for blogging recently. I've basically had zero time for pretty much everything, but luckily have managed to squeeze in enough time (during mandatory breaks) for some mini-hat knitting. I do have some posts in mind, some updates, some mythical photos... ;)

However, in the brief break I've found today between preparing tea*, putting it in the oven and waiting for the buzzer to ping, I checked my email and discovered my ravelry invite has finally arrived! I'm not planning to list everything - certainly not in the next few weeks! - but I may use the 'queue' feature.

I've not used any 'social networking' site before, so I'm not entirely au fait with the whole concept, but my name on there is (unsurprisingly) 'TheKnittingBee', so feel free to find me, if that's what one does!

* ie., evening meal. Were I simply making a hot beverage, I would have much less 'free' time.



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