Wednesday, September 05, 2007

New fings

Sadly no photos, as Mr Bee has taken the camera away with him, so I shall attempt to not be too verbose with a filler-post.

I've been a-shoppin' again (that's the problem with me decluttering by selling stuff on ebay... I immediately find stuff to spend the paypal money on!). This time I bought some Knit Picks options needles, in size US4 & 5. They've only just got a stockist in the UK, so I settled down for a long wait thinking there'd be a waiting list, and - whammo! - they arrived today!

I decided not to get the whole set (although I've spent 1/4 of the cost of it on just 2 sets of needles & cords :-/) because I do love my Denises. Plus I have heaps of inherited straights. But the Denises only go down as far as a 5, and the 5 is a right pain in the arse! I'm using it now for my Swallowtail, and half my 'knitting' time is actually spent easing the stitches over the join. Size 6 and up is fine, but the 5s are a tad fiddly.

I really want to switch immediately to my Knit Picks, but think I should wait until I've finished the Budding Lace part of the shawl. I've only got 2 more repeats to go, so hopefully it won't take too long! My gauge tends to change between plastic and metal, so I thought if I switched needles between lace patterns it wouldn't be too noticeable.

Next purchases have been balls of yarn for my Fairly-Easy Fair Isle. I have 10 balls of Sirdar Nova in navy (which I'm using for the body), and 10 balls in hot hot hot pink. I dyed a sample of the pink with blue Kool Aid, and it went a lovely purple colour, so I thought I'd buy some more light colours & see what shades I could get. I've bought 2 yellow balls (I hope to get green!) which might not turn up for days; but the 2 balls of 'camel' arrived today. Or yesterday. Who knows? The postman left the package behind the dustbin and didn't knock or leave a card.

I want to wait for the yellow to arrive before I do lots of experimenting, so it's a good job I can occupy myself with my new needles!

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