Thursday, September 27, 2007

Where did all the time go?!

I am busy. I am sooooooooo busy. I am in one of those phases where there is so much to do of incredible importance that my brain just fries and I have to take the evening off because I can't decide which of the ridiculously important things is more important to do before the others.

There hasn't been much knitting recently, because if I haven't been working on part-time job A (site & user support for 3 websites & PA-ing for my boss) then I should be doing part-time job B (being a lecturer and running 3 courses - term starts Monday, but my summer has been spent planning and preparing), and if I'm not doing that I should be working on my PhD (ha! Like that's had a look-in since July), and if I'm not doing that I should be doing at least one of the 5 other things I've committed to in a fit of "can't-say-no"...

It's all fun, but it leaves little knitting time.

This evening I thought about my to-do list, felt a bit overwhelmed, and decided to watch TV and knit instead. (Tomorrow I will break things down into manageable tasks and get stuck in). I had previously got some knitting done last weekend during a 3-hour car journey, and finished the sleeves for my Fairly-Easy Fair Isle, so today I joined them to the body and have got started on the yoke.

I realised I never posted any photos of my mammoth Kool Aid dyeing session!

Here's the finished objects - don't they look cute?

The original yarn is 50% wool, 50% acrylic, so the original colour is still visible a little, giving it some depth. I think the core of the yarn was acrylic, and the outer part was wool, because they all have bright blue halos!

And the original colours. I like the fact that the original colours are all different, although I'm glad that the dyed versions go with each other a lot nicer than the originals do! But the fact I was able to use differently coloured originals and dye them with the same dye (blue kool aid) means that should they fade, I can just over dye the whole thing. (This picture shows the original yarns and the finished results sitting on top of the body of the cardigan, which is a dark navy blue).

It's not just yarn I dyed ;)

And here's the colours knit into the cuff of the sleeve:

I think they go really well together, but have decided when I do the yoke that I will leave out the green. I think I'll stick to blue and purple for the yoke, because I'm not really a lime-green person (or really a colourful person!). I have to keep remembering that although it's fun to knit with the three colours, and they are all pretty, I need to have a finished product that I'm going to wear.

Put it this way, I realised that I would not buy that cardigan (with green in the yoke) if I saw it in a shop.

However, the splash of colour on the cuff is lovely, and I really like how the blue and purple go together, so I'm confident that the yoke will be fine, and I'll like it. Here's where I'm up to so far (this photo shows the back):

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Blogger Taueret said...

wow, the yarn looks fab. your to-do list made me need to go lie down. please don't do that again ;-). Is that the fair isle cardi from one of the snb books?

1:11 am  
Blogger Judith said...

Wow, that cardi is coming quite nicely along!! I think, despite your rsi, that your FO list is becoming longer then mine!!

1:11 pm  
Blogger Woolfish said...

Love the fairisle cardi, I don't know when you find the time,I keep putting prpper knitting off not having the confidence but wanting to learn so much in a short time. Thankyou for your comment on my swatch, If you look carefully just on one side of each swatch the holes seem to merge,maybe I am trying too hard. Thanks anyway Louise

2:15 pm  

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