Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Apologies for the lack of posting - we only got our broadband activated today. And - tada! - we have photos. First Mr Bee took the camera away with him; then he forgot it; then he had to wait a week to collect it; then we moved; then we had to find the box with the camera (and wire!) in; then we had to get connected...

But finally, something to liven the blog up with.

Here are some pictures of my beautiful Calorimetry - not knitted by me, but made for me by the lovely Figg as a Yule present. This came in a box containing other goodies, all wrapped up in the most amaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing manner. Seriously, unwrapping the gifts was as exciting as getting them.

I took these photos after I realised that my makeup matched my Calorimetry. Apologies for the rubbish quality, it was really really hard to get the type of shot I wanted.

I do have a Coif, which I made last year. However, the Calorimetry is a lot wider, meaning that it looks more like a hat from the front (the Coif is always clearly a headband). The real difference is that it doesn't have the ribbed band around the hairline that the Coif does - my Coif always leaves me with an imprint of ribbing in my forehead. Despite the fact that Calorimetry is entirely ribbed, it doesn't leave any marks on me, and thus gets two thumbs up for that!

Also - Figg made my Calorimetry in blue, which means it matches my new handbag beautifully :) It's nice and wide too, so I can tie it in a square knot (I only figured out a square knot last summer, and haven't tied an unsquare knot since) rather than having a button clasp which would probably catch on my hair.

(sorry for gacky looking hair; it's photos like these that make me want to redye my roots)



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