Tuesday, August 22, 2006

One Year Anniversary!

Well, today is this blog's first birthday! I picked up knitting again 'properly' on July 2nd 2005 (while I was watching Live 8), and started blogging about a month and a half later on August 22nd. And got repetitive strain injury about two weeks after I starting blogging.

Still, it's been a fun, if frustrating and painful, journey. My knowledge of what goes in to make fabric has dramatically increased, I've learnt new skills in different areas of fibre arts... plus I have some great new clothes! I think the reason why I love knitting so much is that it turned out that I was quite good at it (if I am to be modest), as well as it being fun and new-clothesy. Let's just hope I get to take it up again, eh?

Actually, I think I will be able to knit again, even if it is just 25 stitches a day. Even though it will be excruciatingly slow-going, it'll be better than non-existant!

Anyway, I thought today was as good a day as any to have a pain update.

I have not now been knitting since June 26th, so nearly two months. I have spun once in that time; I've also been doing dress-making, weaving (both looms turned up yesterday! Weaving goes so quickly!!!), typing and writing - with a slightly heavier than normal pen (believe it or not, it does make a difference, *sigh*).

The tennis elbow, after switching from the right to the left arm, appears to have eased off in the past couple of weeks, which is a relief. Now I have pain back in my left under-forearm. It started mainly on the underside of my left wrist, but in the past few days has extended into my arm.

This is due to a combination of upping the amount of typing, writing with the heavy pen (but it's my favourite :( ) (...and I'm sure excessive scissoring didn't help either), and the fact that I haven't been doing my exercises often enough. I need keep up my exercises and keep the pain under control so that I can get my thesis finished.

I occasionally get pain in my upper right arm from the trackball, and right now there's some in the upper left (punishment for saying the tennis elbow had gone I guess ;) ), but the upper arms don't tend to get as bad as the lower.

I never thought that taking up knitting would affect my life to such an extent that I'd no longer be able to work behind a computer all day, or even have to curtail my hobbies. I certainly wouldn't have thought that a pleasurable and relaxing pastime would result in a year of pain showing no sign of buggering off! Que sera sera, eh?



Blogger The Sanguine Gryphon said...

Are you new to weaving? I'm very curious to hear about how it goes. I want to get into it someday, but have (for once) had the presence of mind not to leap into something new when I'm already overwhelmed with the projects I've got. Who said "I need another fiber hobby like a need a hole in the head" ? That's me.
Is Athena really the goddess of weaving?? I'm going to have to spend all day thinking about that. It may change my world a little. If I have any tutelary goddess it is she, and to think she's both warrior and weaver... well, it bears contemplation.

3:19 pm  
Blogger TheKnittingBee said...

Yes - brand new! I just don't know where to stop, LOL - I admire your willpower and self-restraint! I think the fact my thesis is due in in little over a month has sent me crazy for starting new things, oh well!

Athena is indeed Goddess of Weaving - she certainly has many different skills under her belt. I also see her as my Matron Goddess :)

11:12 pm  

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