Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Knitting with a purpose


~*~My Current Projects~*~

* Blue-hued webby jumper ~ just needs stitching together! I have a goal to finish it by the end of this week.
* Dove blue snowflake armwarmers ~ one is knit, the other is half knit. If I find more of the same wool I will finish the other one, sew them up and try them out. They may get pulled out, I'm not sure...
* Electric blue with ghosties ~ originally going to be a skirt, now I'm not so sure. I've made the front panel, but I'm using the rest of the wool for practising (while trying to knit the back panel I used metal needles instead of plastic - same size - yet ended up with a much tighter gauge). May well get pulled out...
* Blue/ grey Sonnet cardie ~ my current current project! See below:

The Sonnet cardie from knitty.com. I'm knitting this in Wendy Pampas mega chunky (takes 12mm needles). I'd bought the wool because I liked it, but didn't know what to do with it. I also had some new size 7mm bamboo needles. I looked around on the internet for patterns for this type of wool, but couldn't find anything. Eventually I came across this pattern - the beauty is that you decide the gauge! So I'm using the 'wrong' needles too. It's simple to increase and decrease with casting on and off, so hopefully it'll be a nice introduction to following a pattern too. Knit mainly in garter stitch, with some box stitch which I enjoy, and it's knit sideways. It's going to be jolly warm!

I knit the front panel at the weekend and ran out of wool. Mr Bee & I worked out how much more I'd need to buy and I went to pick some more up today. Annoyingly there were only 5 balls left - I think I need 6-7, and even more annoyingly those ball were made up of 2 different dyelots. And the shop aren't getting any more in. So I bought it all. I'm doing the back in the other dyelot and I'll hope no one notices ;) It is a common brand, and sold in most wool shops, but I can't guarantee they'll have the right dyelot, so I'll risk it.

I've done about half of the body now - it's relatively quick to knit up, especially as I'm still quite slow.

~*~My Future Projects~*~

* All the turquoise German wool ~ is going to be made into Tempting - another knitty.com pattern. It's so beautiful. I need to get more circular needles though, so I shall wait until I've completed some other projects. I've done a sample swatch with the wool in a rib pattern and it's gorgeous.

And that, I believe for the moment, is that!

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